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Product Description

MyFactor® es una aplicación móvil de atención médica para los pacientes con hemofilia y trastornos de la coagulación similares. La aplicación fue diseñada para ayudar a los pacientes con el seguimiento de sus registros personales de infusión y la historia de hemorragias, …

MyFactor® is a mobile health care application for patients with hemophilia and related bleeding disorders. The app was designed to help patients conveniently track their personal infusion records and bleeding event history, as well as share important injury and treatment information with members of their health care team. MyFactor® was developed with extensive input from members of the bleeding disorders community.

Clear the Infusion Log Jam With MyFactor®.
If you live with hemophilia or a related bleeding disorder, you might keep a record (or log) of bleeds and infusions. For patients and caregivers, infusion logs can feel like a burden.

That’s why we created MyFactor®: to make it quick and easy to keep an infusion log. An infusion log is important to staying healthy. Sometimes, it’s even required by your insurance provider or doctor. In addition to keeping track of your treatments, a log can help you watch for early warning signs of joint damage (caused by repeat bleeds). It can also help you and your doctor decide if your dose should change, or even help you pick the best time of day—or day of the week—to infuse.

MyFactor® helps patients and caregivers quickly log their factor infusions and bleed history. The app also makes it easy to share the log with your doctor and other members of your health care team.

With MyFactor®, Users Can:
• Track factor infusions, dosage, lot numbers and expiration dates
• Track bleeding events, including type, cause, location, pain level and severity level
• Edit and update past bleeds and infusions
• Capture photos and add notes
• View, filter and share reports with your care team
• Set up a prophylaxis infusion schedule with reminders
• Add notes related to infusions or bleeding events
• Set up multiple user accounts on a single device
• Synchronize data across multiple devices
• Restore lost data from the cloud

Log Infusions With Ease.
Use the wizard interface to quickly capture infusion details.

Easily Record Product Lot Numbers.
Use the keypad, scan the barcode or take a photo.

Conveniently Track Bleeding Episodes.
Log the type, cause, location, and levels of pain and severity.

View and Share Reports of Infusion and Bleed History.
Sort by date range, keyword or type of event (bleeds or infusions). Email copies of reports in PDF and CSV formats.

Schedule Infusion Reminders.
Set up a single reminder or a recurring schedule.

Track Data on All Your Devices.
Access your account settings and synchronize data across multiple devices.


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