Fridgify: Food/Leftovers Tracker, Recipes & More

Fridgify: Food/Leftovers Tracker, Recipes & More

Fridgify: Food/Leftovers Tracker, Recipes & More

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Product Description

One person can make a difference, and everyone should try it. You can be that person and be the difference at home ?.

Our goal is to reduce food waste one household at the time by making it easy as pie to do it. Tired of wasting your food by forgetting what’s in your fridge or not knowing what to with it? Want to help save the planet while eating better food and saving money?

Fridgify to the rescue!

? Features that will always be free:

? Track an unlimited number of food items: you will never pay to have more than X items in the app. Fridgify will let you know if anything is about to go bad and how long each item has been in your fridge.

? Scan food like there is no tomorrow: record once, and never do the leg work again. You can build your personal database of food items by scanning them.

✌️ Simple motions, big goals: swipe item back and forth between the fridge/pantry to the shopping list. No need to enter items more than once!

❤️ Share a virtual fridge: Google Drive integration to share your fridge with your friends, family, and/or roomies. Yes, this is a free feature (as long as ads can be loaded)!

❤️ Impress your loved ones: don’t know what to cook with that fancy food you have? Fridgify has your back and will suggest recipes. Impress your significant other(s) by never being out of idea when it comes to what to do with your food ?

? Become the fridge master: know what’s in your freezer at all times with the search function.

? Awaken the nerd in you: with stats about your food habits.

? Paid features:

? Auto complete from Open Food Facts: auto-complete items names on its own when scanning their barcode! No need to build the database yourself!

?️ Food facts: Know what you put in your plate before you eat it! Get facts about your food. Be healthy thanks to the Nova and nutrition grades, save the planet by considering the carbon footprint of your food, and avoid health problems with a list of allergens!

Upcoming features:

AI suggestions: to help you find the food that completes your fridge.

Be the change your house needs!
Good for the environment, good for the wallet — Fridgify your food!


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