UniversalNurse Speaker: Translator for Nurses with Audio

UniversalNurse Speaker: Translator for Nurses with Audio

Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Requiere Android 4.0 y versiones posteriores

Product Description

UniversalNurse Speaker is a new translation tool to facilitate multilingual healthcare communication across 8 different languages between Nurses and Patients who don’t speak the same language.

UniversalNurse Speaker is tailored to support Nurses in communicating with patients in different languages. Nurses can feel more empowered to deliver care to patients in diverse multicultural settings. It is powered by UniversalDoctor translation technology used by hospitals and patients worldwide.


– English

– French

– Spanish

– Arabic

– Russian

– Romanian

– Somali

– German


– Hundreds of verified medical translations with accompanying audios by native speakers in 8 different languages

– Content tailored for enabling effective Nurse communication, with dynamic pop-up screens to facilitate interactions with patients

– Works offline so no internet connection is needed: Once UniversalNurse Speaker is downloaded, all the content is 100% offline so you can use the app anywhere, anytime

– Search function: Looking for a particular phrase? Use the search bar to find exactly what you want to say.

Download UniversalNurse Speaker to have a medical translator tailored for Nurses in your pocket.


UniversalNurse Speaker is a product of the UniversalNurses Project – a joint venture between UniversalDoctor and the Millennia2025 “Women and Innovation” Foundation to support nurses in communicating with foreign patients and those of diverse multicultural backgrounds.


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