Medical Spanish: Healthcare Phrasebook with Audio

Medical Spanish: Healthcare Phrasebook with Audio

Requiere iOS 7.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.

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Product Description

#1 selling Medical Spanish phrasebook is now better than ever with audio, search, conjugation, bookmarking, unsurpassed functionality, and new sections requested by users like you!

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Written by physicians, and designed by an iPhone and Mac software engineer, this eloquent and thorough phrasebook is like having a personal interpreter on call 24/7 in your pocket for a price less than a burrito. The goal of this app is not only to assist you in obtaining a full SOAP note with «yes or no» questions, but to help you become more independent and confident using your Spanish.

You will feel great as well knowing profits from your purchase are reinvested into local free health clinics and to medical relief efforts in Haiti. Ensuring nothing but the highest quality translations, professional interpreters have triple reviewed the content for accuracy and fluency, and the audio was recorded in a Mac studio.



Medical Spanish has over 6,000 well categorized entries, all which can be found in search and bookmarked. Sections include:

Subjective [Questions]

* Medical & Surgical Hx

* Family & Social Hx

* OPQRST for Pain

* Lymph/Endocrine

* Integument


* CV

* Heme

* Resp

* GI

* GU

* Repro


* Musculoskeletal

* Psych

* Mental Status

Objective [Instructions]

* Full Head to Toe Exam

* Dental

* Ocular

* Obstetric

* Osteopathic

* Chiropractic


Assessment and Plan [Instructions]

* Radiology

* Phlebotomy

* Nursing

* Prescribing

* Links to Informative Patient Handouts

Basic Spanish:

* Common Expressions

* Directions

* Medicinal Plants

* Vocabulary

* Conjugation

* Much More!



What have our users said?

* “Incredible app. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Amazingly comprehensive. I’m a prediatric neurologist with a fairly specialized vocabulary, but was able to find almost everything I needed. It even reads the phrases to you !!!! […] I feel so much better equipped to communicate with my Spanish speaking patients.”


*“This app is extremely convenient and easy to use. The organization of everything works perfectly, letting me carry out an entire patient exam without being distracting. I found myself using this app everyday… I would highly recommend this to anyone who interacts with Spanish speaking patients […]. Great job!”


*“I… learned quite a bit of Spanish within a few days. Only thing better would be having an actual Spanish translator following you around all day.”


*“Medical Spanish App adds audio in latest update, and we’re definitely smitten“


Medical Spanish includes an easily searchable glossary of thousands of translations from the 2005 edition of the English-Spanish Dictionary of Health Related Terms, a publication of the California-Mexico Health Initiative and the Office of Binational Border Health, California Dept of Health Services. Please note, due to space limitations, the glossary is the only section in the app w/o audio.


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